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Key dates over March 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 3

7th March 1916 - Metal worker exempted

Rolling Casualty Count: 2793

At the Front:

1st Batt: The 27th Brigade moved forward. It was a tiring march through Houdain, Fresnecourt and Grand Servins. Billeted in large ,empty Chateau ff Goury-Servins for 2 days.

2nd Batt: Party of 115 officers, NCOs and men marched to a “Flammenwerfer” display held at Essars. Co Adjutant reconnoitred the line in 21Subsection in the morning.

9th Batt: “Edavana” crossed the bar at the river mouth and steamed up the Shatt-el-Arab. Troops wandered with interest in the new land and remarked on the dense groves of date palms and the quaint sailing barges.

On the Home Front:

Appeals from Conscientious Objectors: The Malvern Recruiting Tribunal said it was extremely wrong and prejudicial to applicants, for friends to make personal communications to members of the Tribunal. This had been done, and this statement was necessary.

Metal Worker Exempted: An ironmonger’s fitter and sheet-iron and metal worker applied for exemption, on the ground that he was engaged in a starred or reserved occupation, and was indispensable to his employer, also that if he was called up his aged parents, a paralysed niece, and a sister, who were partially dependent upon him, would suffer serious hardship. Applicant’s age was 40 years and 7 months. A total exemption was granted.

No Exemption for a Groom: A lady applied for the exemption of a groom, aged 18. She said she farmed 185 acres, and had 60 horses on a stud farm. It was pointed out that the stock of horses in the country had been greatly depleted owing to the War. Colonel Congdon protested most strongly against the application, and it was rejected by the Tribunal. The groom, who had not attested, has five brothers already serving in the Army.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.