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Key dates over August 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 0

Prisoner of War

27th August 1914 - Prisoner of War

3rd Worcs. Batt set off at 3am to Vermand, took up covering position until relieved by the Royal Scots Fusiliers at 8:30 pm. Then marched back to billets at Tarlfesse. 2nd Batt had received no orders and Brigade HQ could not be found. The French reported that unless they retired immediately they would be cut off from the rest of the brigade by the enemy. All transport had already been sent on so they had to march to Etroux where they were able to get some supplies and join up with the 2nd Division.

Great Recruiting Efforts:

The new service battalion of the Worcestershire Regiment has now left at full strength for its training station. The Worcestershire Regiment has now got nine battalions, each of which is over a thousand strong. In three weeks practically 1,900 men will have been enrolled in the county; 200 horses of the North Midland Mounted Brigade stampeded early this morning, 14 killed, although many were captured, scores still at large;

The motor car service for bring in recruits proved most valuable, and the two cars used (lent by Mr H W Buck, Worcester, and the Rev Barton Allen, Kempsey), were filled daily. Other cars were offered by Capt. Cave (Astley), Mr Bramwell (Crown East), Major Capel Cure (Cleobury Mortimer), Colonel Southouse Scott (Kempsey), Ald. Hillman (Dudley), and Mr Brace Little (Malvern).

Messrs G Gascoyne and Co., Hop Merchants, Worcester, in their preliminary hop report, state : “The development of the Austro-Serbian crisis into a European War must materially modify the position of the brewing trade in this country, so far as the supply of new hops is concerned. It may safely be assumed that there will be no imports this season from Saaz, Spalt, Hallertau, Bavaria, Wurtemberg or Alsace. A regards Belgium, the district of Alost is already within the theatre of operations of the rival forces, and we fear that under the most favourable circumstances, a large portion of the produce of this district will be wasted. We do not anticipate, however, that there will be any material exports beyond those delivered under the above contracts, and as there are no old stock in Belgium, . . . .

Percy John England was wounded and with other casualties who were sent to a small temporary hospital at Caudry (Courdrai). However, he was taken prisoner on 27th August by the Germans, who were by then in occupation of the place, and he was sent with other wounded to Cambrai.