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Key dates over August 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 0

22nd August 1914 - Battle of the Sambre. French troops try to block the German advance north-west of the Ardennes.

The 3rd Worcs. marched 11 miles to Ciply. The 2nd Battalion in billets, 4 days full of training, inspections and practice marches and had a last chance to rest and bathe for many a long day.

Mr Dalley wrote that a large number of young girls would be employed in the Kidderminster carpet works.

A large number of employees at G H Williamson and Sons Ltd having been called up as reservists. The firm sought to mitigate distress to families of married men. They would be making up the income of each wife to a minimum of 15s per week. They would also make up a weekly grant of 1s per child under 14 to supplement the government allowance.

When Territorials left Worcester each given £5 for equipment and allowances, the idea being that this sum should tide their dependents over until their first monthly allowances: In many cases the whole of this sum was sent home.

Worcester City Fund £1000: This morning 2 boy scouts took up their post inside the railings of the Guildhall, passers-by were invited to throw donations into a big sheet. In a few moments there was a considerable amount of coins in the sheet, including silver.