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How to upload an event to the project events calendar

Events loaded onto the Worcestershire World War 100 events calendar will also appear on the Visit Worcestershire calendar, which will help your event reach the widest possible audience.

It is best to register your event as soon as you have the basic details clarified, such as the name of the event, the venue and the date: this will enable the teams at Worcestershire World War 100 and Visit Worcestershire to register your event in good time. At the very latest, we would advise that you register an event no later than 2 weeks in advance.

Completing the form

Some fields are Essential – 'E', or Optional – 'O'. If a field is designated as essential, it will not upload until the field has been completed. Please be careful to follow the American dating convention for the events date, using the hashes between year, month and day. Please use a colon between hour and minute to record event times, it is probably helpful to use the 24 hour clock.

Click here to return to the event registration form

Name Please enter the title of the event E
Type of event Please enter one of the following: Exhibition, Activity, Performance, Talk, Tour or Other. E
Prices Insert price in pounds, or insert 'Free' or 'N/A'. E
Free entry Please tick the box for free events. O
Short Summary Please add a few words, such as 'A talk focusing on the Worcestershire Yeomanry'. O
Full Description Insert greater detail about your event, or perhaps the running order for a day-long event. O
Website url Insert a venue website, or a parish council website or an organising institution's website. O
Start date Insert the date as 2016-07-21 for an event on 21 July 2016. Please use the hashes. E
End date As above, use the American dating convention. E
Start time Insert 09:00 for an event starting at 9 am. Please use colons. O
Opening notes Insert detail such as parking here, or any other information such as '…gates will not open until…' O
Children welcome Please tick the box if the event is suitable for children O
About the venue - Name This does not need to be the name of a person: it is fine to supply just the venue name, such as 'Worcester Cathedral'. E
Postcode This should be the postcode of the venue, so that it can be added to mapping information. E
Contact name If there is a contact name, such as 'Parish Secretary', please supply it otherwise insert the venue again here. E
Contact telephone Please enter a contact number for the venue, if there is one; or a number for enquiries. E
Organiser's contact details - Name This does not need to be the name of a person: it is fine to supply the name of the venue here. E
Telephone This does not need to be a personal number, again venue detail number would be useful or perhaps a box office number. E
Mobile telephone This is an optional field. O
Email address This does not need to be a personal Email, but it would be helpful to supply an email for enquiries, such as the venue or booking office email. E