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Drop-in Armistice activities

10th November 2018 in Worcester

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Drop-in Armistice activities

During the day you can view the wall of handcrafted poppies, representing Worcestershire men and women who lost their lives in the Great War, and get involved with family activities including making your own poppies.

1pm - Paul Hudson talking on World War One research.

Booking is required.

2 pm Gillian Roberts Stories from The People’s Collection

2.30 pm - Christine Shaw "I was there: The Great War Interviews " A presentation of illustrated verse inspired by a powerful collection of interviews of veterans and civilians who lived through World War One.

3pm - Sarah Ganderton Exploration of the Impact of the First World War on Mental Health in Worcestershire.

Booking is required.

At 4pm there is another chance to view The Battle of the Ancre and the Advance of The Tanks (1916), a little-known masterpiece of British non-fiction cinema. Booking is required.


The Hive, Sawmill Walk, The Butts, Worcester, WR1 3PD

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Opening times

10am - 4pm

Booking is required for the talks and film. Please visit The Hive website and go to the What's On page to find the events for booking.

Following the event

Please check back here after the event has finished to see imagery and information from the event.